Why make the trip with forfet?

Because it comes to account, you have more services, allows you to make the journey without carrying cash, and also helps Cavalls del Vent® to continue innovating.

Extra services of the pass for all shelters:

  • Free WIFI
  • Free Mobile Charge
  • Free Shower
  • Online booking
  • Telephone service to plan the trip


22€ (Valued at 76€)

  • Topographic map Cavalls Del Vent®, Editorial Alpina®
  • Buff® exclusive design Cavalls del Vent®
  • Official Track of Cavalls del Vent®
  • 27 tea box YogiTea®
  • Sticker Cavalls del Vent®
  • Massage cream OXD®


39€ (Valued at 100€)

With the Forfait Plus you have all the products of the Basic Forfeit, but also you will have a T-shirt and the possibility of purchasing a Savings Pack.

  • T-shirt Hoko Esport Cavalls del Vent
  • Savings Packages
NutriSport, Editorial Alpina, Buff, Parc Natural del Cadí-Moiseró, YogiTea Biológico, OXD
Cavalls Del Vent